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The idea for SPCE came about in 2013, when Leon was at University. By working in the Student Housing Department, he realised the rental market was broken. Both students and landlords were frequently facing similar and common, problems - but no-one was fixing it.


We live in an increasingly mobile-driven environment, the app is King and people want the world at their fingertips. And so the seeds of SPCE were planted - mobile-first, sleekly designed, impeccably executed, functional housing software for public sector organisations. 



However, you can’t build a company on great ideas alone - SPCE needed capital. So, we did what any good start up would do and we started a crowd-funding campaign and an investor roadshow. We spoke to as many people as we could get our hands on and we were blown away - within 48 hours we raised £280k (it turns out people really do hate the hassle of rental housing…)


So the next logical step was to start building, both the software itself (unquestioningly vital) and our SPCE team. We started bringing people on board - the SPCE family is now global and we have experts in Sofware Product Design, Graphic Design, 3D Design, PropTech, Finance, Analysis and Marketing around the world, all working to make renting a place to live just that bit better...


SPCE is a mission-focused company. Our team is dedicated to working for the common good and doing what's right, in addition to being deeply passionate about building great software and a successful company.

Over the years, SPCE has identified the most pertinent issues and trends affecting tenant's living arrangements, from aiding the creation of new technologies through to controlling rental prices and resolving difficulties with deposit disputes.

In doing so, our products and initiatives provide a much-needed collaborative platform for advancing the tenant living experience and addresses the major problems public sector organisations are witnessing within the rental accommodation space.


So, if you work at a university or public sector establishment and accommodation or housing falls within your remit, then we would like to hear from you. To speak with us and have your voice heard, please get in touch.