Supporting non-profit and public sector organisations in delivering exceptional + transformative housing and real estate services.



Provide a safer private lettings experience by allowing your students to book great properties directly from your website and branded off-campus housing app. SPCE enables estate offices to extend their existing student housing services and augment the student experience with exceptional, robust, end-to-end housing software.


Help students and their friends find their perfect homes. Whether they want to live on or off campus, SPCE can help. To inform tenancy decisions, the platform allows students to see landlord ratings before they move in. For added support, we also offer an easy to set up guarantor service which can be leveraged by unions advice centers in assisting international students.


Deliver landlord accreditation, quickly advertise rental properties + facilitate the easy review and vetting of tenants via the SPCE platform. SPCE helps landlords safely rent their properties anywhere, all with the touch of a button.


Leverage our set of comprehensive property management tools to provide branded housing services to your clients - irrespective of size. We will work alongside you to develop your platform, so it evolves in the ever-changing housing arena to provide a seamless service for all of your users.


SPCE is changing the face of rental accommodation.

SPCE's products and rental ecosystem are revolutionising the way in which public sector organisations, including universities, student unions, councils and associations connect with the property rental market.

SPCE consolidates powerful and intuitive rental tools on one platform to reduce administrative overhead and enhance the rental experience for the landlords and tenants you serve.


Renters: Enable your renters to search and pay for campus and area specific rental properties, with or without deposits. These properties can range from studios, 1 bed flats and 8 bed houses, to privately catered university halls, housing over 250 students.

Landlords: For landlords, SPCE brings a new simplicity to the student property letting process; you can list your property online, vet prospective tenants, have the security of pre-verified guarantors and manage your property easily, quickly and securely.

Our Promise: Tenants and landlords are beset by a host of different issues, as they are under-equipped with the digital tools to tenant and/or live with others from around the world. With public sector organisations delivering housing services powered by SPCE's software, tenants can finally build healthy financial relationships with their peers, roommates and landlords alike – inexpensively.

Built by a driven team and trusted by some of the country’s leading universities, councils and residential rental companies, SPCE has a network of landlords across the length and breadth of the UK, and is dedicated to providing an exceptional rental experience.

SPCE is the mobile-first technology-driven answer to the rental accommodation market.


Increase Landlord Satisfaction Rates

Our solutions enable private landlords to list, manage and market their properties to tenants from an easy to use web dashboard. For institutional landlords, the SPCE platform facilitates and informs tenancies backed by powerful data analytics.

Reduce Administrative Work

Create operational efficiencies by leveraging SPCE resources to build, maintain and support the platform as it’s used on an ongoing basis, freeing up your time to focus on what’s really important - your tenants and landlords.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader 

Boast your new product / brand, with style, sophistication and grace - one which understands the intertwining of real estate, technology and public sector organisations.

Increase Tenant Satisfaction Rates

Heighten the tenant experience, by providing safe, pre-verified and high-quality accommodation alternatives for renters struggling to find a home, or students unable to live in a university or college dormitory/hall of residence once it's reached maximum capacity.

Raise Housing Standards

By enabling renters and landlords to receive ratings SPCE's solutions are also encouraging greater respect from all involved and promoting a more transparent system. With this in mind, our solutions can be used to assist your organisation in raising the overall standard of your region's public sector housing stock.

Establish New Ancillary Revenue Opportunities for Your Organisation

By leveraging the SPCE platform to monetise the provision of off-campus accommodation / local housing.



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