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Since our inception, we have successfully brought on board a raft of investors, and continue to be open to discussions. We would welcome a conversation from any organisation or individual wishing to explore viable investment opportunities.



SPCE has successfully raised capital from 255 investors including Techstars, and in our first round of funding effectively raised 80% of our target raise in 24 hours.

"Techstars has a great reputation with regards to incubating successful companies and this program not only presents a huge opportunity for SPCE to be seen, critiqued and ultimately used by Colliers - a leading name in the property space, but also a great privilege to be mentored and exposed to potential investor interests in front of the wider PropTech community.” - Leon Ifayemi, CEO"

A little about the mission


We believe tenants and landlords are beset by a host of different issues and gripes during the rental process, in part due to sporadic nature of the market and the different platforms of which it is comprised.


By offering software which can facilitate the full variety of property options and property providers in one place, we hope that tenants will find efficiencies in the rental process, and landlords/agents can achieve a double victory of control over their property, whilst also experiencing a more seamless advertising and renting experience.



In the years since inception, we’ve formed a great multidisciplinary team. With minds from Rothschild, Human, Ernst & Young, Nokia Bell Labs, UCL and UCA our skills span expertise and industries, relevant to a range of tenant groups (including students), real estate & technology.


Our team have varying backgrounds, giving us perspective on the diverse nature of tenant and landlord life, particularly for international students and multi-location landlords, studying & living in various cities across the world.

Our long-term strategy

As we grow our community, SPCE labs will use big-data and machine learning to map patterns in student behaviour and will serve as the foundation for SPCE’s artificial intelligence initiatives - supporting our ambitions to transform simple properties into ‘smart accommodation’.


For further information or to arrange a one to one discussion, please contact or to read more about our SPCE story click below:

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